Sunday, 24 February 2013

1 Love, Honour, and Obey - A punishment spanking

For those of you still in the mood for some marital discipline, I thought I'd quickly return to ShadowLane again, and another of my favourites, "Love, Honour, and Obey", starring Alexandria Panos and Dallas.

You can read all about it here:

The vidcaps I'd like to share are from the 3rd scene... supposedly a month after the 2nd scene.
In reality her bottom is already barely recovering from her last spanking.

We join Alexandria waiting in the corner for her husband (Dallas) to come and deal with her.

Looking round as he enters the room she knows it's time.

Walking confidently towards him, she smiles, safe and secure in her smouldering sexuality.

For any ladies in doubt as to what to wear for a spanking then you need look no further than Alexandria's shapely rear, slightly straining against her full white satin knickers.
While I am personally not a fan of stockings that are too much lower than her buttocks, they are none the less a welcome addition.

Her confidence evapourates as she sees the array of implements he has propped up against the wall.
He is not in the mood for games and clearly intends to punish her hard.

An all too familiar routine begins as his hand once again spanks her red.
It's knickers down time (note the care with which they are arranged), and a pillow in place to raise her bottom in the air.

The strap (and later cane) cracks down across her burning bottom, and she bucks and twists with every stroke.

As her punishment ends, the devestation on her bottom is apparent.
(Some might say her own fault for 'marrying' Dallas!)

Walking away in disgrace she knows not to pull her knickers up until she has left the room.

This is not a 'sexy' spanking (unlike many of Shadowlane's videos) but a proper punishment spanking (as to be expected from Dallas).

For those unaccustomed to the many nuances of this thing we do, this doesn't mean non consensual, nor beyond a spankees limits.
A punishment spanking need not be long or hard (although they often are). It's purpose is simply to correct behaviour as efficiently as possible, without the distractions of role play, chatter during the punishment, or the promise of intimacy afterwards.
In a 'true' punishment spanking, the spankee has no say in the severity of her punishment, and the trust she places in her partner is even greater than is usual for he has to balance what he knows to be her limits with delivering a punishment that fits the misdemeanour.

For me they occupy a distinct place in our kink, and distill a scene down to a simple premise:
"You are going to be punished for what you've done and I am going to be totally committed to delivering a punishment that I see fit, without any distraction or delay."

If this premise doesn't give a woman butterflies in her stomach when it begins I don't know what will!

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  1. A naughty wife's knickers are taken down, when it comes time to spank her. For the husband knows that the humiliation of being spanked on a bare bottom does wonders for his sexual and erotic moods.


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